CAN-AIR/2 Wireless CAN BridgeThe CAN-AIR/2 is designed for bridging two different CAN networks via a wireless link. It supports data exchange between two CAN networks running with  different baud rates. This stand-alone mode can be used in many ways, e.g. to get access to CAN modules installed at rotating machine parts or replacement of “slip rings” via a point-to-point connection.

CAN Interface

The CAN interface is fully compliant to ISO11898 with electrical isolation and bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s.

Software Support

The CAN-AIR/2 Wireless CAN Bridge comes with an easy-to-use Windows-based configuration tool. All settings will be stored within the device. Access via a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) is supported.


  • Wireless radio communication of separated CAN nets
  • ISM-band (2.4 GHz)
  • Linking of CAN nets with different bit rates
  • CAN-telegram filtering
  • External antenna
  • Configuration via USB interface
  • CAN interface electrically isolated and designed acc. to ISO 11898-2
  • Application: e.g. to get access to CAN modules installed at turning machine parts or to enable a PC to transmit and receive CAN data via USB and CAN-AIR/2 into and from a remote CAN-AIR/2 for e.g. service and maintenance

More Information

Ordering Information

Description Order No.
CAN-AIR/2 C.2067.02
CAN-AIR/2 Rail Mount C.2067.03
CAN-AIR/2-Bridge C.2067.04
CAN-AIR/2-Bridge Rail Mount C.2067.05

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